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An eCommerce site that specializes in wedding gifts. The site comes with the following sites- BGWH: $5,047.03 + $3,072.60 yearly Revenue CGWH: $4,265.97 + $1,006.11 Revenue The seller of these sites agrees to a drop ship arrangement for all in-house product offerings. WAG: $16,566.16 + $4,401.91 Revenue

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Financial Snapshot
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Site Visibility
Google PageRank: 0
Alexa Rank: 0
Google Backlinks: Check
Domain/Site Info
Domain Registration: 1999-04-24
Site Established: 1999-04-24
# of Pages/Content: Check
SEMRush Stats
SEMRush Rank: 0
SEMRush Page: click here
Keywords in Google: 0
Revenue Details
The site garners 100% of its income through sales of a wide variety of wedding gifts.

Sources of Revenue:
  • Product Sales
Traffic Details
Site ranks well organically for the following terms- bridal shower gift ideas, unique wedding gifts, and wedding shower games
Expense Details
The expenses for the site are COGS, shipping of the products, server, and domain hosting.
Niche / Vertical
  • Shopping
  • Style and Fashion
  • No Attachments
Broker Contact Info
Broker: Adam Beebe
Phone: +1 (678) 640-4530
Skype: adam.latonas
Live Chat:
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    About Adam

    My name is Adam Beebe, and let me introduce myself. I have been a proud member of Latona's since its inception. Having grown up all over the US, I made Atlanta my home in 1993 after college in San Diego. Starting a long career in sales after college, I began using the internet in my sales career in 1995. The need for client follow up and care is the same, regardless if the sale is done in person, on the phone, or over the internet. With the growing website brokering industry, we at Latona's realize that what is needed in the field is a true brokering experience, not simply a marketplace where people put sites up, and there is little guidance and assistance before, during and after the sale. To that end, I give all my buyers and sellers my cell phone and the time to make sure I understand what they are selling and why. Feel free to give me a call. We at Latona's look forward to earning your business and forming a long lasting relationship.

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