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Easily Sell Your Established eCommerce Business With Latona’s

Attention All eCommerce Business Owners! Are You Ready For An Exit Strategy To Sell Your eCommerce Business That Will Put The Most Money In Your Pocket?

Here at Latona’s, we can help you sell your eCommerce business for the highest possible multiple. We have almost two decades of experience in selling eCommerce businesses just like yours and our expert team can find the perfect buyer for your business.

When you sell your eCommerce business with Latona’s, you’ll benefit from:

  • Safe escrow
  • No upfront fees
  • Access to a large pool of globally vetted buyers
  • Working with professional business brokers and exit strategy consultants

Ready to sell your eCommerce business today? Get in touch with our experts for a free value estimation.

Sell my eCommerce Business Sell my eCommerce Business

How is my eCommerce business valued?

A number of different factors determine the value of your online business.

Typical factors that are often assessed as part of the value estimation process include:

  • The volume of sales required to reach your revenue
  • Your revenue distribution across products
  • Your cost base
  • Your customer base
  • Information from your Google Analytics account
  • Marketing spend
  • The size of your email lists
  • Performance of your social media channels
  • Multiples achieved in precedent deals

All of our businesses for sale are priced by the sellers. Latona's will provide an estimation and help guide the seller but ultimately, the seller knows what the seller wants and Latona's will help the seller achieve their goals. In order to fully understand the multiple you can expect to receive from the sale of your eCommerce business, reach out to our team today for a free value estimation.

Sell my eCommerce Business Sell my eCommerce Business

Who is Latona’s and how will they sell my eCommerce business?

Latona’s is a boutique merger and acquisition broker that specializes in selling cash flow positive online businesses like eCommerce stores, including Amazon FBA and Shopify businesses.

Since 2008, Latona’s has been matching investors with business opportunities, and entrepreneurs with investors who can appreciate their assets. You can feel at ease knowing you’re working with professional brokers and a company that has been selling online stores for almost 20 years.

We are here to make your transition stress free and profitable. In order to sell your business for the highest possible multiple, timing is everything. Ideally, it’s best to sell your business when your revenue and profitability are at their highest and your business is responding well to market trends. But, on the flip side, we can also sell eCommerce businesses in a downward trend. This is because some entrepreneurs are better at brand development as a startup, and some are better at scaling eCommerce businesses so they fulfil their growth potential.

We at Latona’s pride ourselves in finding the best buyers for our sellers. We’ll always talk to you about the progress of your sale and explain the process to you, so you can make an informed decision about what’s best for you and your business.

Sell my eCommerce Business Sell my eCommerce Business

Answers to Popular Questions.

  • How is my information kept safe?
    When you choose to sell your eCommerce store with Latona’s, we ask all parties to sign mutual NDAs. This means all your information is kept confidential.
  • My business is different, can you still help me sell it?
    At Latona’s, we’ve been selling eCommerce businesses for almost 20 years. We have more than 20,000 buyers available and can sell your business even if you’re operating in a niche market. We’ll guide you through the entire sales process and explain how we’re helping at every stage.
  • What happens to existing stock when I sell my business?
    When you sell your eCommerce store with Latona’s, we transfer your business and inventory seamlessly to the new buyer when the sale is complete.
  • How much will I get when I sell my business?
    We have a track record of getting the highest multiples in the industry for our clients and we always make sure that our team of brokers is working to find buyers for your business. To find out what multiple you can expect when you put your business for sale with us, get in touch for a free value estimation.
  • How many prospective buyers do you have?
    We have the largest group of globally vetted buyers in the industry and our weekly newsletter goes out to more than 20,000 qualified buyers.

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