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About Latona's - Mergers And Acquisitions Brokers

Latona's is a boutique Mergers and Acquisitions broker specializing in cash flow positive digital assets such as websites, eCommerce (including Amazon FBA and Shopify), membership, lead gen, and software-as-a-service businesses (SAAS), and domain portfolios.

Since 2008 Latona's has been matching investors with income streams and business opportunities and entrepreneurs with investors and acquirers who can appreciate their assets as they do.

The Latona's Story

We claim above that we started in 2008 but our humble beginnings started many years before that, back when we were simple domain name brokers. During the financial crash, one of our co-founders, Rick Latona, was hit particularly hard as many of his assets were speculative, such as premium domains. So, he did what anyone would do in that situation. He took what he had left in the bank and spent it all to go to Harvard Business School and start over.

It was during his time at HBS and after his work with his professors that we shifted our focus to cash flow positive web properties. We had to make decisions as to what we would do and more importantly what we wouldn't do. We decided that we would focus on cash flow opportunities and we would not sell speculative assets.

It is at this point in 2008 that the modern-day Latona's story begins. Here's a short list of what we currently sell and a bit about each:

What We Sell

  • Content Websites - These are advertisement supported websites that earn their revenue from Google's AdSense or other networks. These are often websites with strong organic search rankings but not always as there are many ways to get traffic.
  • eCommerce - These include traditional eCommerce storefronts with digital shopping carts but also Amazon FBA seller accounts and Shopify stores.
  • Domain Portfolios - We don't want to confuse you here. These are not just undeveloped domain names. These are names that used to be developed or they are high-traffic terms that people type into the browser often enough that the domains get traffic. The names are monetized at domain parking companies which show pay-per-click search results. These names have two highly desirable qualities. (1) They get passive revenue and (2) their traffic is targeted so an experienced marketer can increase their revenue.
  • Lead Generation - An example might be a site that sells insurance leads, car transport leads, mortgage leads or the like.
  • Membership Sites - These are any sites that charge a recurring fee to access content. They are not to be confused with sites that sell software on a monthly basis. Those would be SAAS businesses.
  • Software-as-a-Service businesses (SAAS) - is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis. Users access the software through the web or mobile device.

Over the years, as our team has grown larger and become more experienced and connected. Our completed deals have grown in both volume, size, and complexity. Our subscribed list of investors has grown from thousands to many tens of thousands.

We are now M&A brokers with focus. We close 5, 6, 7 and 8 digit deals frequently and leave a trail of happy customers in our wake!

Latona's LLC
El Caribe Office Building
53 Calle Palmeras, Ste. 401
San Juan, PR 00901-2408
Effective Date: July 22, 2013