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Sell Your Established Online Business with Latona’s

When you’re looking to sell an online business, Latona’s provides a suite of powerful tools and dedicated brokers to help land you the best possible deal. Not least of these is our unique combination of in-depth marketplace insight and expertise.

As leading professional business brokers and exit strategy consultants, we pride ourselves on matching entrepreneurs and their online business assets with a global vetted network of investors and acquirers.

Sell my Online Business Sell my Online Business

How does it work?

New to selling online assets in today’s fast-moving market? Unsure how to sell your online business for the right price? We completely understand that it can be daunting - that’s why we’re here to help.

In this quick introductory guide, we’ll give you a brief rundown of the incisive, highly effective approach Latona’s takes to selling your online business smoothly and profitably.

Our dynamic and proactive method for bringing your online enterprise to the right buyer is based around three core components:

  • A comprehensive FREE evaluation process
  • Instant access to a large and active buyers network
  • Fully guided transactions from our dedicated team of expert brokers, providing hands-on assistance with the sale and transfer processes

Latona’s boasts unrivalled experience in the online business sales arena, guided by a skilled Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) brokerage team. With no upfront fees and strict adherence to Safe Escrow policies, we specialize in finding active buyers for cash flow-positive digital assets.

Our large and complex portfolio of successfully completed sales includes eCommerce assets (including Amazon FBA and Shopify), membership websites, lead generation websites, software-as-a-service (SAAS) businesses, and domain name portfolios.

In the sections below, we’ll talk a little more about how we do it, and how you’ll benefit when you sell an online business with Latona’s.

Sell my Online Business Sell my Online Business

How we qualify online businesses

Even before any sort of detailed estimation takes place, our process begins with identifying the sorts of properties and assets that we know we’ll be able to sell at a strong price. For Latona’s clients, this primarily means established web businesses - i.e. those whose principal sales outlets are online.

In order for websites and other online enterprises to sell at their highest value with Latona’s, we initially focus on properties that meet two key requirements, namely:

  • Annual profits of at least $20,000 up to $100,000,000
  • Established for at least 1 year of positive trading

If your online business is heading in the right direction, but doesn’t fully meet these criteria quite yet, then be sure to stay in touch. When it’s nearing time to sell, we’d love to talk to you some more about how to sell your online business, and how we can help you add real value to the deal.

Sell my Online Business Sell my Online Business

Metrics Latona’s uses to value an online business

As part of our free value estimation service, Latona’s expert M&A brokers deploy a wide variety of tools, techniques and frontline experience. Used in combination, this allows us to accurately determine a commanding sale price for your online enterprise and assets.

Factors we’ll typically examine in assessing the value of your business might include any or all of the following:

  • Sales volumes required to reach your revenue
  • Revenue distribution patterns across your full product range
  • Your ongoing cost base, including current marketing spend
  • EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization)
  • The sorts of multiples achieved in recent comparable deals across relevant sectors

I want to sell an online business: what kind of figure can I typically expect?

As ever in online business sales, there’s a lot hidden in the detail - and that’s where our vast experience in this highly competitive marketplace truly comes into play.

With that said, as a very broad ballpark guideline, typical outcomes for many eCommerce-type businesses often see them selling at around 2-10x annual net profit. However, spectacular outliers are not at all unusual in this industry, especially when the right business model is linked to the ideal buyer.

Many of our clients are able to sell for far more - because at Latona’s, we know exactly how and where to pitch your assets. Reach out to our brokerage team for a free value estimation today, and we’ll help you unlock the full market potential of your saleable online assets.

Simply put, it’s what we do.

Sell my Online Business Sell my Online Business

Online businesses we sell

At Latona’s, we work with a broad range of online business models in order to secure the best sale price for our clients. Our core M&A team focuses primarily on selling:

  • Content websites
    • Advertising-supported websites earning revenue from Google AdSense or other similar networks
    • These are often websites with strong organic search rankings, although this isn’t exclusively the case - there are many ways to generate traffic
  • eCommerce
    • Traditional eCommerce storefronts with digital shopping carts, as well as Amazon FBA seller accounts and Shopify stores
  • Lead generation
    • Typical examples include sites selling insurance leads, car transport leads, mortgage leads, and so on
  • Membership sites
    • Sites charging a recurring fee to access content (not to be confused with sites that sell software on a monthly basis - see SaaS businesses, below)
  • Software-as-a-Service businesses (SaaS)
    • Software licensing and delivery models in which software is licensed on a recurring subscription basis, and users access apps and programs via a browser or mobile device
  • Domain portfolios
    • Note: this does not include completely undeveloped domain names, but rather established names that were previously developed, or high-traffic terms that generate significant traffic through direct keyword searches, and thus already earn revenue through monetized (ad-served) domain parking services

With that said, we always have access to an extensive and diverse network of active buyers - no matter how unique or genre-defying your business is, there’s a good chance we can find the right one for you. If you’d like to talk more about where exactly your online assets fit into our assertive selling model, then feel free to contact us any time.

What covers and protections does the sale process include with Latona’s?

We’ve earned an glowing reputation among our clients for achieving the highest multiples in the industry, because there’s always a dedicated team of expert Latona’s brokers working on connecting your established online business with the right buyer.

However, our full service doesn’t stop there - as well as getting you a better bottom line sale price, we also ensure that:

  • NDAs are signed for your protection, and all sale information is handled in strict confidence
  • We adhere to strict Safe Escrow policies, giving you continual access and influence over your ongoing sales and negotiations processes
  • We help manage the seamless transfer of your business assets and inventory over to the buyer
  • We provide unrivalled access to the largest group of global vetted investors and acquirers in the industry - our weekly newsletter already goes out to more than 20,000 eCommerce investors and acquirers, and our reach continues to grow aggressively

Sell my Online Business Sell my Online Business

Who is Latona's?

Latona’s is an experienced, highly connected boutique team of M&A brokers, with a sharp focus on established, cash flow-positive web properties. Founded in 2008 - but with a collective business-selling history reaching back far beyond that - we’ve carefully refined and honed our approach over the years.

As our expertise and market savvy has grown, we’ve steadily moved away from working on speculative assets, instead targeting our approach directly at established eCommerce concerns. Our unique specialism now lies in connecting investors with entrepreneurs looking to sell active, profit-making online properties, brokering deals that work for the mutual benefit of both parties.

As a direct result of this shift in focus, our portfolio of completed sales has grown dramatically in volume, size, and complexity. Our subscribed list of active investors and acquirers has grown alongside it, expanding from thousands to many tens of thousands during a decade of hands-on work in the sector.

Today, Latona’s is proud to call itself a professional M&A broker with a clear focus. We frequently close 5, 6, 7 and 8-digit deals on behalf of our clients - and that’s why so many of them choose to work with us time and again.

How Latona's Does it

To summarise, Latona’s deploys a powerful combination of unique market insight, business sales expertise and in-depth brokerage processes to achieve the highest possible value from our online business sales.

If you’re looking to sell your established eCommerce property or other profitable online assets, reasons to work with Latona’s include:

  • Free estimation with no upfront fees
    • Our experienced online business brokers will comprehensively review your business model, and help you determine what the best sale options are for you
  • Large and active buyer network
    • Over the years, we’ve developed one of the busiest buyers networks for online businesses, and our investors are always looking for new products and opportunities
  • Fully guided transactions
    • Never sold an online business before? Most of our clients haven't, and we know it can be intimidating - that’s why your dedicated Latona’s broker will be with you every step of the way, offering invaluable insight and experience

Need more? Sure thing:

  • We’re a team of highly experienced professional business brokers
  • We insist on zero pressure tactics when working with our clients
  • We adhere rigidly to strict Safe Escrow and confidentiality policies
  • We sell exclusively to global vetted buyers
  • We’re experienced exit strategy consultants, ideally positioned to help you manage the process of selling and transferring your online business from beginning to end

If you’d like to speak with a member of our team about how much your online business is worth on today’s market, then don’t hesitate to get in touch . We look forward to working with you.

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Never sold an online business before? Most of our clients haven't. It can be intimidating. Your dedicated broker will be with you every step of the way to offer insight and experience.

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