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Latona's Tools:

  • Business Value Calculator - Plug in data to determine the Business Value of a Purchase.

  • Payment Plan Calculator - This calculator will help you determine if you should offer or accept a payment plan or if you should push for a lump sum payment.

Latona's Spotlight:

  • InteLend - Intellectual property lenders, get cash against your digitalassets. Apply for a loan now.

  • Hatchit - A digital business marketplace and directory. Review revenue and profit multiples for businesses in your areas of interest, and more.

Third Party Tools:

  • SEMRush - Data for SEO/SEM Professionals, keywords, rankings, competition, traffic estimations.

  • SEOMoz - Very comprehensive SEO analytics. On-page SEO analysis, link analysis, and much more.

  • OpenSite Explorer - Comprehensive index of link intelligence. Research a site's inbound links.

  • WhoRush - Map of web assets. Discover relationships between web properties.