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Web Masters is an original podcast that explores the history of the Internet through the stories of some of its most important innovators. In each episode, host Aaron Dinin, a serial entrepreneur and digital media scholar, talks with Internet entrepreneurs who created important websites, tools, services, and features. Some are hugely popular, some you’ve never heard of, and all of them have impacted everything you do online.

You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how the Internet has enabled -- and continues to create -- some of the greatest business opportunities in history from the people who have proven they know how to build successful Internet businesses.

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Aaron Dinin - Our Host

  • Aaron began his career building Internet businesses as a college student reselling Palm Pilots online during the early days of eBay. He went on to launch multiple Web-based ventures, including content sites, consumer apps, and venture-backed SaaS companies.

    Along the way, he earned a PhD in English and began teaching entrepreneurship at Duke University. He now spends his time mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs and teaching social marketing. For more, follow Aaron on Twitter

Industry Insights Hear from some of the world’s most successful Internet entrepreneurs about how they build and manage their companies.
Growth Hacks Discover unique tips, tricks, and strategies for launching and scaling your own Internet businesses.
Sales Advice Learn how to find new customers, create brand loyalty, and build a long term, sustainable, cash-flow-positive business.

Tired of Fake News? On Web Masters, we hear from David Mikkelson, the man who’s been fighting it online since the 1980s!

David Mikkelson:

I wish I could take credit for 25 years ago, …

The post Web Masters Episode #25: David Mikkelson appeared first on Business Brokers Blog.

How do you compete in a huge market with tons of bigger and better-resourced competitors? Find out on this episode of Web Masters when Joe Colopy, founder of Bronto Software, shares the story of …

The post Web Masters Episode #24: Joe Colopy appeared first on Business Brokers Blog.

Unless you’ve only just gotten onto the Internet in the last few years, you’ve surely heard of Napster. But Napster wasn’t the first music sharing service. On Web Masters, hear the story of Audiogalaxy, …

The post Web Masters Episode #23: Michael Merhej appeared first on Business Brokers Blog.

Most websites will never need to worry about supporting millions of simultaneous users. But the ones that do run into serious database trouble. When they need help, they call Peter Zaitsev, founder of Percona …

The post Web Masters Episode #22: Peter Zaitsev appeared first on Business Brokers Blog.

When you need to find something online, you open Google and enter a search query. But that wasn’t always possible. Early in Internet history, search engines didn’t exist, and you couldn’t search for things. …

The post Web Masters Episode #21: Alan Emtage appeared first on Business Brokers Blog.

In 1999, Drew Curtis launched a humor website called Fark. In 2021, it’s still one of the most popular communities online. Hear how Drew and Fark have managed to survive two-plus decades on the …

The post Web Masters Episode #20: Drew Curtis appeared first on Business Brokers Blog.

Experienced Internet business owners understand affiliate marketing. It’s core to how companies make money online. However, when it was first tried, affiliate marketing was revolutionary, and it opened the door for all sorts of …

The post Web Masters Episode #19: Lex Sisney appeared first on Business Brokers Blog.

Before Facebook became synonymous with “social media,” and even before MySpace was the coolest website on the planet, there was another startup that most people credit with inventing social networking as we know it: Friendster. …

The post Web Masters Episode #18: Jonathan Abrams appeared first on Business Brokers Blog.

You definitely remember the “Dot-Com Bubble.” But did you know a 19-year-old college dropout played a big part in making it happen? This episode of Web Masters explains how. It features Bill Martin, founder …

The post Web Masters Episode #17: Bill Martin appeared first on Business Brokers Blog.

The Browser Wars were ruthless. One of the biggest victims was Opera, which, at one time, was the most popular browser in the world. Now it’s a distant sixth, and few people remember just …

The post Web Masters Episode #16: Jon von Tetzchner appeared first on Business Brokers Blog.

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