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Latona's Webmaster Tools

Tools make all of our lives easier. From calculators to trackers - having the right tool can save you hours per day or help you make that tough business decision using cold hard data. Latona's loves tools and will be releasing our own in house tools that help buyers and sellers make those good decisions.

Latona's Tools:

website value calculator Website Value Calculator - Plug in data to determine the value of a website.
website value calculator Net Present Value Calculator - Plug in data to determine the Net Present Value of a purchase.

Latona's Spotlight:

measure traffic inteLend - Intellectual property lenders. get cash against your digital assets. Apply for a loan now.
business funding Business Finance Store - Get your business funded today. Receive up to $100,000 in as little as 45 days.
spotlight Have a web design, SEO/SEM, hosting or other internet service company? Get your site listed here. Contact us here.

Third-Party Tools:

measure traffic SEMRush - Data for SEO/SEM Professionals. Keywords, rankings, competition, traffic valuations.
search SEOMoz - Very comprehensive SEO analytics. On-page SEO analysis, link analysis, and much more.
internal links OpenSite Explorer - Comprehensive index of link intelligence. Research a site's inbound links.
web assets WhoRush - Map of web assets. Discover relationships between web properties.
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