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Hear what our clients are saying:

"Adam was persistent in bringing new buyers until we found the right fit. Throughout the transaction process he was helpful in keeping the ball rolling while making sure I was aware of my role. In what is often a tense experience, his assistance made for a pleasant one."
- Dave Stanwick

“I have worked with Latona’s as both a buyer and a seller. I was extremely pleased with their professionalism and knowledge of web properties. Adam was helpful in guiding me through the process on both transactions and I will continue to use Latona’s as my broker.”
- Derek

“The sale of ehomemortgages went quickly and smoothly. Working with Latonas has been a profitable and, equally important, easy experience for us.”
- David B.

"As per my first transaction with I'm proud to say their services are very prompt and the staff is exceptional. Strongly recommend using their service. Happy, richer that before meeting them...and all that just because they are serious people knowing their business."
- Constantin

“Latona's is GREAT ! I approached them willing to sell my site, and they did a great job in a record time !”
- Jurj Allin

"The sale of my website was handled really well, with good communication throughout and most importantly they achieved the result I was looking for. I would certainly use them again!"
- Blake M.

"I was very surprised by professional work of Adam and team Latonas. They are very experienced and they always know what to do in various quick situations during the sell so buyer and seller feel happy. Their processes are advanced and it is not just a mediation but real hard work of correct quick moves. I would definitely recommend Latonas to my friend who is seriously interested to sell his property quickly and without troubles."
- Juraj Andrascik.

"Ryan was a charm to work with. Right from the beginning till the deal was closed, he made every effort to get a great deal for me and was successful in getting me my desired site for an amount within my budget. I would definitely be buying my next site from Latonas and would love to work with Ryan again!"
- Mohit Tater.

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