Presenting the Latona's Open House Series

We started the Open House webinar series with the purpose of providing prospective website buyers a more informative and intimate opportunity to gather information about a site. This is your chance to learn about a site's past, present, and future, and to ask questions of the site owner.

Come on in!

Upcoming Webinars:

No Upcoming Webinars at this time

A few tips for the day of the meeting:

Once you have registered for the meeting, you will receive an email with instructions for joining the audio and video portions of the webinar. You have the option of dialing in via telephone or using your computer's integrated audio to listen in. During the call, you will be on mute. If you would like to submit questions, please do so using the "questions" feature in the webinar control panel. We will generally field all questions verbally at the end of the webinar, unless the question is pertinent to the current slide.