Cash Flow Domains

Most buyers want the cash flow they generate but savvy internet marketers know that aged domains with traffic can be used more strategically in SEO campaigns, affiliate marketing or any number of ways.

The problem with buying aged domains and expiring domains for most marketers is that they don’t really know how much traffic the names will have before they buy them, or if the traffic is real. They have to make their best guess and then bid in an auction format.

These names have already proven that they have legitimate and valuable traffic and verifiable historical performance. If you work in SEO or other internet marketing venues, you can use the parking stats that we advertise as evidence that the names are legitimate. It’s like seeing the proof-of-concept results before making your purchase!

So, here’s what’s happening behind the scenes. Some domainer is using technology, money, experience and hard work to buy 100s or 1000s or even 10s of thousands of names, hoping to find names that can make parking revenue. Most of them are wrong 90% of the time! Fortunately for them, the 10% of the time they are right is enough for them to eek out a profit.

We are here to give those domainers the opportunity to sell their winners to private equity investors that want to buy cash flow and internet marketers that want to buy domains that have valuable attributes, like backlinks or steady type-in traffic about a specific subject.

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What customers are saying

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User There are many places that sell expired domain names with back links but I can normally only guess as to the quality. When I buy names from, I know I’m getting names with productive backlinks.
Lawrence Pageturn – Fictional SEO Expert
User The names at are monetized through parking companies. I’m able to cut out the middleman and use my affiliate knowledge to send the traffic directly to offers I know convert. My returns are way better than the multiples I buy the names at.
Brandon Moneymaker – Fictional Affiliate Marketer
User I’m always on the lookout for an alternative asset class that can generate passive income. With the domain names I purchase on my IRRs are great and I can invest as little or as much as I want.
Rosie Outlook – Fictional Private Equity Investor