Welcome to the Latona’s Blog

Welcome to the first post in our thought leadership blog. At Latona’s, we have decades of experience helping investors find lucrative income streams. And here we share our expertise and insider knowledge to support your investment moves.

We match buyers and sellers through our listings facility, providing a way for proprietors to sell eCommerce business sites, SaaS business platforms, or Amazon FBA businesses. Through our listings pages, investors can buy established online businesses with transparency on revenue, annual profit, asking price and other private information. 

This blog has been created to share the latest news for investors, including market updates, industry reports, research, thought pieces, and much more. We aim to build a relevant resource where sellers and investors can find up-to-date information on the investment landscape, with thought leadership, help and advice to help you navigate complex industries. Whether you are looking to buy ecommerce business sites or Shopify/Amazon FBA businesses, our boutique Mergers and Acquisitions brokerage service can help, and our content section will give you the necessary insight.  

In addition to our informative content, we also share a number of investment tools to help new and existing investors make informed choices in their building their assets. On our tools page, we feature useful tools such as our Business Value Calculator and Payment Plan Calculator as well as our portal to borrowing with InteLend. We also recommend a number of third-party online tools for assessing websites before expanding your portfolio.  

Whether you’re here to buy a new business or you want to sell established online website, our upcoming content will be created to help you. As a brokerage working with both sellers and buyers, we have a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges experienced across the entire journey, and for both sides. Many of our clients buy and sell through us, and we have the experience to support every type of transaction.

We specialise in cash-flow-positive digital assets, ensuring fewer business challenges and  better opportunities for maximising on profit. Not only do we feature revenue sources such as e-commerce and shopping websites, but we also list membership businesses, lead gen businesses, content platforms, and domain portfolios. The industries that can be sold or invested in range from insurance, real estate and legal services to fashion, travel and food and drink. 

Stay in the know and check in on our blog regularly – we will be updating very soon. In the meantime if you’re looking for advice on a sale or investment, don’t hesitate to get in touch.