8 Stay-at-home Businesses Thriving During Coronavirus

In addition to the great businesses highlighted in this post, I want to take a moment to point out something that is kind of obvious. Latona’s sells stay-at-home businesses. It is what we do! Many of our customers are thriving at the moment and we are too. Businesses are selling. In the last few posts, I may have had a bit of a negative tone but overall, I am sanguine. As we sink deeper into this new reality, it is easier to see how perfectly positioned we and most of our customers are.

This morning, I’m particularly up-beat. As our clients are now updating their March revenue stats, it is worth doing a shout-out for those that had an uptick in revenue in March vs February’s numbers! Note that this is not a complete list as not all clients have finalized March’s numbers. These are just the ones that have updated stats as of this writing. These are all great stay-at-home businesses that are doing just fine.

Here at Latona’s we are experts in selling established online businesses and now is a great time to achieve fantastic multiples as the demand for a stay at home business has never been higher.